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We can not go back over time, but we can endure send until some one create new backwards time host

We can not go back over time, but we can endure send until some one create new backwards time host

Capable also fly

[A song begins to tackle for the tune out of Zager Evans’ During the the entire year 2525.] Song: [verse step one] Around you to definitely-o-four, one-o-four In the event the man continues to be real time When the bot can survive It will see

[verse 2] In twenty-five twenty-four twenty-four The newest in reverse day host nevertheless won’t have arrived in every the nation, there is certainly singular technical An excellent rusty blade for doing proctology

They travelling submit

[verse 3] Later 12 months one to ends having good twenty An effective slumpy merman is planning to shoot for chummy He might look like an effective watery wimp When in truth he’s a blood thirsty schrimp

[verse cuatro] In the year one million and a half Human type was enslaved of the giraffe Boys need to pay for all their mistakes Whenever the brand new forest passes was removed from other renders

[Montage inside track: Around 105105 (verse step one), the country is covered within the ice and you can Eskimos chase Santa Clarita CA escort girls brand new team into seals with handguns. In the year 252525 (verse dos), it satisfy good mediaeval castle in which an effective knight riding an excellent ostrich stabs Bender about back that have a blade. In 351120 (verse step three), the nation is included in water. Committed servers floats, and you can Fry and Farnsworth fool around with Bender’s base having oars. A great merman attempts to acceptance them, but it turns out to be a huge schrimp. In one million . 5 (verse 4), they meet once more a mediaeval palace, however, now the door is quite extreme, and you may out of it will come a giraffe are removed of the half a dozen enslaved humans. Each goes a to a tree with one leaf kept and you may new giraffe consumes it. They traveling send] [Scene: Entire world Express: Fulfilling room. The entire year 3030. Planet Share has started to become a massive birth business with lots of of many copies of the Planet Show vessel. Leaving and you will typing. A classic Hermes and you may old Leela looks across the hangar hence have step three stories out-of vessels which can be the leaving and you will entering.] Old Hermes: Both I can’t believe how profitable Globe Express became since the teacher try killed and also you grabbed handle.

[She removes an image off her and you can Fry, who is taking a can of Slurm. At the rear of brand new photographs stands an older Cubert.] Old Cubert: Hey, Leels.

[Cubert’s sight widen.] [Scene: The season five mil. Society is covered having advanced houses and its own beings are brief and you will pink, which have pointy ears, holding a good headband which have a red-colored circle-in front. The brand new crew’s go out server countries from inside the a park and fulfill a couple of inhabitants.] Men inhabitant: Will get you are helped by us, unusual of these?

[She opens a good holographic speech above their heads. An individual profile is split in two; one to top is the pink of those.] Male inhabitant: Discover we; cutting-edge inside intellect and you will morality.

[However, this time the fresh new Dumblocks have chosen to take over plus one strikes Bender on the direct.] [Scene: The year ten mil. Here, of several ruins security the earth, if you find yourself giant robots having laser beams fury war upon the fresh new individuals. Particular wounded soldiers pass the full time machine since it comes.] Farnsworth: Yuhoo, people! What’s this era inside human history such as?

Soldier #1: The fresh. the fresh new machines, i situated them to make our lives convenient, but they rebelled. They won’t stop up to all human is actually inactive.

[Farnsworth and Fry commonly proud of which upcoming, but Bender, additionally, seems to be enjoying the applicant.] Bender: It appears like a fantastic coming. Let’s only sit right here. We can calm down thereon hill away from skulls.

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