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ELYSIUM Islands of the Blessed of Greek Mythology

While this global health crisis continues to evolve, it can be useful to look to past pandemics to better understand how to respond today. Your source for information about NAD+, sirtuins, and other important topics in aging science. A. David Smith, Ph.D., is a Scientific Advisory Board member of Elysium and the lead researcher behind our brain health product Matter. Smith has spent his entire career at the University of Oxford, where he investigated the role of micronutrients, especially B vitamins, in relation to the functioning of the brain and prevention of cognitive decline. As part of this research, Smith co-founded OPTIMA, which pioneered the study of the prevention of cognitive decline by identifying modifiable risk factors. Format is an innovative system designed to provide complete immune support.

  • Breakthroughs in aging research are no longer a myth of science fiction but scientific fact.
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  • „The fourth recounts that . . . there was born of Helene and Akhilleus in the Islands of the Blest a winged child named Euphorion after the fertility of this land.”
  • Later writers made it a particular part of Hades, as in Virgil, Aeneid, Book VI.
  • After Kruger kidnaps Frey and her daughter, Max approaches him and offers him the data in exchange for the use of a Med-Bay.
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Later, the conception of who could enter was expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic. They would remain at the Elysian Fields after death, to live a blessed and happy afterlife, and indulge in whatever enjoyment they had enjoyed in life. But those who had good courage, three times on either side of death, to keep their hearts untarnished of all wrong, these travel along the road of Zeus to Kronos’ (Cronus’) tower. And Peleus and Kadmos are of that number, and thither, when her prayers on the heart of Zeus prevailed, his mother brought Akhilleus , he who felled Hektor, Troy’s pillar invincible, unyielding, and brought death to Kyknos , and the Aithiop son of Eos.” ELYSION was the final resting place of the souls of heroes and virtuous men.

He is a renowned aging researcher and professor of biology who has studied aging for more than 40 years. Throughout his career, his research has focused on the genetic and molecular basis of aging. Index, a revolutionary at-home test developed in partnership with Yale University, tracks how fast you’ve been aging using the latest generation technology in the science of epigenetics. Elysium is referenced in the Schiller poem which inspired Beethoven’s „Ode to Joy” – notably in the excerpt used as the European Anthem. It is in Act II when Papageno is feeling very melancholy because he does not have a sweetheart or wife and he is drunk singing the song „Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen” .

By limiting the Earth-bound action to Los Angeles, the film leaves questions dangling about the rest of the world while at the same time squandering an opportunity for imagination. The mission of What is Elysium is first and foremost to give customers an exceptional dining experience with delicious, quality food, and excellent service. It is also our goal to help serve and grow our community by involving Elysium in local community events that will encourage further enhancement of a positive lifestyle for all those that live, work and visit our community. Elysium Productions exists to create truly personal and authentic films from the most important day in a couple’s life. We are California Wedding Videographers but our business has expanded to Colorado, New England, Cabo, and beyond.

„The fourth recounts that . . . there was born of Helene and Akhilleus in the Islands of the Blest a winged child named Euphorion after the fertility of this land.” „And having come to Sparta he regained his own kingdom, and being made immortal by Hera he went to the Elysian Fields with Helene.” „Poseidon slept with [the Pleiad-nymphe] Kelaino , fathering Lykos , whom Poseidon settled in the .” Elysium offers an easy way to compare CAD models and create 3D PDF, HTML, and XML validation reports. Britannica celebrates the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment, highlighting suffragists and history-making politicians.

N.B. This list is far from exhaustive–any hero who possessed a hero-cult in ancient Greece was presumed to be transferred to Elysion. Homer knows of no such realm and consigns all of his heroes to the common house of Haides, while Hesiod and many other poets speak only of a paradisal realm exclusively reserved for the heroes. Roman writers such as Virgil combine the two Elysia–the realm of the virtuous dead and the realm of heroes being one and the same. An area in the northern hemisphere of Mars, appearing as a light region when viewed telescopically from the earth.

This at length performed and the task of the goddess fulfilled, they came to a land of joy, the pleasant lawns and happy seats of the Blissful Groves. Here an ampler ether clothes the meads with roseate light, and they know their own sun, and stars of their own. Some disport their limbs on the grassy wrestling ground, vie in sports, and grapple on the yellow sand; some tread the rhythm of a dance and chant songs. There, too, the long-robed Thracian priest matches their measures with the seven clear notes, striking the lyre now with his fingers, now with is ivory quill.

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So Leonymos the general of the people of Krotona attacked his enemy at that point where he heard that Aias was posted in the front line. Now he was wounded in the breast, and weak with his hurt came to Delphoi. When he arrived the Pythian priestess sent Leonynios to White Island, telling him that there Aias would appear to him and cure his wound. The terms Elysium and Haides were adjectives rather than nouns in the ancient Greek language, for example, pedion Elysion and domos Haidou . It may be derived from the Greek verb eleusô (eleuthô) meaning „to relieve” or „release” or was perhaps derived from the name of the town of Eleusis, site of the celebrated Eleusinian Mysteries. A few late Greek writers attempted to rationalise the myth and identified the mythical White Island with one located near the mouth of the river Danube on the Black Sea and the Islands of the Blessed with certain islands in the Atlantic Ocean.


109 minutesCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglish SpanishBudget$115 millionBox office$286.1 millionElysium is a 2013 American dystopian science fiction action film written, produced and directed by Neill Blomkamp. The film takes place on both a ravaged Earth and a luxurious artificial world called Elysium. The film itself offers deliberate social commentary that explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, overpopulation, transhumanism, health care, worker exploitation, the justice system, and social class issues. When the concept of reincarnation gained currency in the classical world the two Elysian realms were sometimes tiered–a soul which had won passage three times to the netherworld Elysium would, with their fourth death, be transferred to the Islands of the Blessed to dwell with the heroes of myth for all eternity. The first of these–also known as the White Island or the Islands of the Blessed–was an afterlife realm reserved for the heroes of myth. It was an island paradise located in the far western stream of the river Okeanos ruled by the Titan-King Kronos or Rhadamanthys, son of Zeus.

The Shooting Star Memorial delivers a symbolic portion of your loved one’s remains to Earth’s orbit, only to end this celestial journey as a shooting star. As the first action RPG in the series, the battles have evolved to become intuitive and three-dimensional. Along with Einherjar who fight alongside Valkyrie, familiar special moves from the series and combo systems are still in place. On top of this, new elements have been added to allow players to enjoy a variety of action packed and engaging battles.

Elysium, also called Elysian Fields or Elysian Plain, in Greek mythology, originally the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent. In Homer’s writings the Elysian Plain was a land of perfect happiness at the end of the Earth, on the banks of the Oceanus. In the earlier authors, only those specially favoured by the gods entered Elysium and were made immortal.

No sooner is Max done with his latest legal entanglement than a radiation accident at the plant leaves him with only days to live. He’s done for—unless he can get to Elysium, where healing pods fix all medical problems in seconds. Our facials use high-quality, medical-grade products to help you maintain a clear, healthy complexion. „By now Sol had glided down beneath Oceanus, and was giving light to the regions of the world below the earth [i.e. subterranean Elysium].”

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Ivey has continuously cited Syd Mead as a substantial influence for the film. The film’s Earth-bound scenes were shot in a dump in the poor Iztapalapa district on the outskirts of Mexico City. The scenes for Elysium were shot in Vancouver and the wealthy Huixquilucan-Interlomas suburbs of Mexico City. The main role was first offered to Watkin Tudor Jones , a South African rapper, who despite being a fan of District 9 did not take the role. It received generally positive reviews from critics, even though many considered it a disappointment after Blomkamp’s first film District 9, and was a modest box office success.


The Saints discover that the only way to kill Hades is to destroy his true body, which has rested in Elysium since the ages of myth. The Saints then invade Elysium, which Kurumada depicts as described in Greek mythology, and carry on their mission after a difficult battle with the deity. Drawing on an international cast, „Elysium” is rich with topical allusions. Writer-director Neill Blomkamp’s „District 9” was a naked Apartheid allegory, and there’s a continuation of that thread here. On this space „habitat,” we follow the defense secretary , who offers a vigorous defense of her right to use unlimited force to benefit the liberty of a few. In a not-so-subtle commentary on the immigration debate, she shoots down refugees who try to land.


He is a multi-faceted clinician with an impressive personal and professional background. Dr. Mick, as he is often amicably referred to by his beloved patients, is a man of many talents with an abundance of experience. Although Dr. Mick considers Chicago home, his medical experiences have come from a wealth of various places, far and near. His humble beginnings and relentless work ethic have culminated in the achievement of his childhood dreams to be a surgeon. „So shall I behold neither Furiae nor dire Tartarus, but be admitted, a blessed soul, to Elysian regions.”


Diodorus, in his first book, suggested that the Elysian fields which were much celebrated in ancient Greek poetry, corresponded to the beautiful plains in the neighborhood of Memphis which contained the tombs of that capital city of Egypt. He further intimated that the Greek prophet Orpheus composed his fables about the afterlife when he traveled to Egypt and saw the customs of the Egyptians regarding the rites of the dead. The Elysian Fields were, according to Homer, located on the western edge of the Earth by the stream of Okeanos. In the time of the Greek poet Hesiod, Elysium would also be known as the „Fortunate Isles”, or the „Isles of the Blessed”, located in the western ocean at the end of the earth. The Isles of the Blessed would be reduced to a single island by the Theban poet Pindar, describing it as having shady parks, with residents indulging in athletic and musical pastimes.

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Christian and classical attitudes to the afterlife are contrasted by Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus saying, „This word ‘damnation’ terrifies not me, For I confound hell in elysium.” The role was then offered to rapper Eminem, but he wanted the film to be shot in Detroit. That was not an option for the two studios, so Blomkamp moved on to Damon as his next choice. Futuristic designs were executed by Philip Ivey after long periods of researching and studying older science fiction films.

„Whenever a shade approaches that has won the praise of a loving spouse, Proserpine bids summon joyful torches, and the heroines of old come forth from hallowed bowers and scatter the shades of gloom in radiant light, and strew garlands and Elysian flowers before her.” In time he was healed and returned from White Island, where, he used to declare, he saw Akhilleus, as well as Aias the son of Oileus and Aias the son of Telamon. With them, he said, were Patroklos and Antilokhos ; Helene was wedded to Akhilleus, and had bidden him sail to Stesikhoros at Himera , and announce that the loss of his sight was caused by her wrath.” „When Telegonos learned from Kirke that he was Odysseus’ son, he sailed out in search of his father . . . He took the corpse and Penelope to Kirke, and there he married Penelope. Kirke dispatched them both to the Islands of the Blessed .”

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The ancients often distinguished two Elysian realms–the islands of the Blessed and the Lethean fields of Haides. Most of the citizens live in poverty while the rich live on an orbiting space station named Elysium. A hacker named Spider runs flights to Elysium to smuggle people in to use their Med-Bays, devices that can heal any disease or condition. After Elysium’s Defense Secretary Delacourt is reprimanded for shooting down several of Spider’s spacecraft, she offers Armadyne Corp CEO John Carlyle defense contracts for life in exchange for a program that will allow Delacourt to conduct a coup and install herself as president. The film is set in 2154, when the planet has been ravaged by disease, pollution, and overpopulation. The wealthiest now live on a space station called Elysium, which can be seen in the clouds from Earth below.

Signal combines a unique NAD+ booster, NMN, with Elysium’s proprietary SIRT3 Activation Complex to target metabolic aging and support mitochondrial health. In the 2020 video game Hades, Elysium is the third of four levels that the protagonist, Zagreus, must traverse in his attempts to escape the Underworld. In the game, Elysium is an ethereal realm where Zagreus defeats the spirits of dead warriors, who endlessly fight one another for glory. The exit to Elysium is guarded by a team composed of Theseus, King of Athens, and the Minotaur, known in the game as „Asterius, Bull of Minos,” who together serve as the biome’s final boss. Elysium is the name of the setting from the 1997 video game Mega Man Legends and its sequel where its a gigantic space colony that homes the last vestiges of humanity and most of the events of the story either occur or revolve around. The 2012 opera „Dolls of New Albion”, written by Paul Shapera, and its sequels, reference Elysium as an afterlife somewhat accessible to the living, though the living in Elysium are hunted by horrid creatures who guard Elysium.

He makes a deal with Max to have his men protect Frey and get her daughter to a Med-Bay in exchange for the data. They make their way to the computer core, where they are confronted by Kruger. Max and Kruger engage in a brutal fight that ends with Max detonating a grenade that kills Kruger.

In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth. A man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds. Basis is a daily supplement developed by renowned aging researcher Leonard Guarente, Ph.D., clinically proven to increase and sustain NAD+ levels.

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